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BPS Tour


Ms. Howe & Ms. Gentry

Ms. McCranie & Ms. Talton

Ms. Moinipour & Ms. Keisler

Ms. Scarbrough & Ms. Bratton


Ms. Elliott & Ms. Lanier

Ms. Price & Ms. Sinatra

Ms. Gifford & Ms. Willey

Ms. Way & Ms. Daniels

Ms. Gutierrez & Ms. Smith

Ms. Williams

Ms. Hunter & Ms. Iannuzzi

1st Grade

Ms. Caporale

Ms. Thublin

Ms. Cardinali

Ms. Watt

Ms. Jolly

Ms. Wells

Ms. Paolozzi

2nd Grade

Ms. Burgdorf

Ms. Fern

Ms. Caldwell

Ms. Floyd

Mr. Dunn

Ms. Johnsa

Ms. Eubanks

Ms. Watson

Support & Specials

Ms. Hawk

Ms. Kirk

Ms. Campbell & Ms. Dostie

Mr. Layfield

Ms. Giddens

Mrs. Castle

Ms. McMillan

Ms. Gotrich

Ms. Williams

Ms. Jenkins

Ms. Wynn & Mr. Switzer

Dr. Patterson